Paid Leave for Chronic Conditions - NJ

Paid Leave for Chronic Conditions - NJ

February 7, 2021
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State Senator Ronald Rice and 37 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bernadette D.

In 2015, 5.2 million people in New Jersey had at least 1 chronic disease, 2 million had 2 or more chronic diseases. This petition is to modify New Jersey's programs to include those with chronic conditions.  

Problem Statement: Individuals with chronic conditions are excluded from short-term disability payments and Family Leave Act payments. 

Background: New Jersey offers paid Family Leave either on a continuous or intermittent basis for a family member's serious medical conditions. New Jersey's short-term disability program covers individuals with their own medical problem, but only in instances where leave extends beyond 7 days. Individuals with chronic conditions such as Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, which are characterize by episodic flare-ups, are not covered under either program. 

Exclusion Impact: With an average of 10 days paid vacation time and 5 days paid sick time, on an accrual basis, sufferers may find themselves in an unpaid work scenario, putting their annual earnings below acceptable cost of living levels. 


1. Under NJ's short-term disability program, waive the 7-day waiting period for individuals with chronic conditions. Modify the 7-day period to be cumulative, instead of each instance, for a period of up to 4 weeks.   


2. Permit those with their own serious medical condition that require intermittent time off to be covered under the paid FLA program, for a period of up to 4 weeks. 

Eligibility Criteria:

1. History of unpaid time off due to a chronic condition over three years;

2. Doctor's certification; and

3. Time approved is an average of the person's historical time-off over the 3-year period.

4. Hourly paid worker making less than $25/hr.

Outcome: Provides for inclusion of those who suffer from a chronic condition and provides financial assistance to those who need it most.

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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