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Present regulations in NJ require that massage therapists surrender their license for public display at their work place.  There are problems with this statute.  First, you should not be required to surrender a license that you purchased.  For  massage therapists to secure a license, there is a one time application fee, a fee for finger printing, the $120 for the actual 2 year license and the cost of the id photos.  If therapists work in other locations, they must obtain separate licenses to be put on public display.  Working out of your personal home is considered a separate location. Each additional license costs $35.

The second issue is the public display of the license, which has a picture and home address on it.  Public displays of personal information is not acceptable.  It should be sufficient for an employer to examine the license and photo copy it to be put on file.  This is what hospitals do for nurses.



Letter to
Executive Director, NJ Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy Laura Anderson
Executive Director, NJ Board of Nursing George Hebert
Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie
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Governor, State of NJ Chris Christie (Governor, State of NJ)
Please revise the licensing statues for massage therapists. Why are we required to surrender our professional licenses to the work place? And then this license, with our pictures and home address, is to be on public display?
Massage therapists are under the tutelage of the NJ Board of Nursing, and the licensing process is similar, including mandated continuing education. Why not adopt a validation system similar to that of nursing: that the employer, having examined the license, have a copy on file. Furthermore, I find it highly discriminatory that massage therapists are not entitled to the same safeguards and professional courtesy as nurses.

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