Deny Anthony Neapolitano Parole

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On February 21, 1984 Anthony Neapolitano ( SBI 000186450B ) brutally murdered Margaret Novobilsky in her own home at the age of 15. Anthony was sentenced with 30 years to life, and is now up for parole again. His first attempt was denied, and we would like to make sure this attempt and ALL going forward are denied as well. We as a family are still suffering a life sentence without our beloved Margaret, and feel it is only fair that Anthony serves for the rest of his life as well. 

For those who feel inclined letters are welcome and greatly appreciated to the parole board directly. 

ATTN: Tanya A. Milton - Victim Services Unit
NJ State Parole Board
PO BOX 862
Trenton , NJ 08625


We the undersigned strongly oppose the parole of Anthony Neapolitano, and wish he serves a full life sentence.