Help nursing students in the state of NJ to complete their clinical rotations virtually!

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Due to COVID-19 and this global pandemic, nursing students everywhere in NJ have been put on standby with their education.  Some of us have been forced to accept semester cancellations and others are very close to following in the same footsteps.  Unlike other types of programs, nursing has a clinical component, which requires students to visit hospitals and perform hands-on care.  Due to the current circumstances, the hours required for our clinical programs are not being met, we are not being allowed onto the hospital floors.  Some of us are far from completion of our program, others are on the verge of graduation. We would kindly like to request the opportunity to be allowed to complete our clinical hours through a virtual alternative as other types of programs have.  We are eager to complete our courses and get out there to help as quickly as possible, with today’s circumstance, nurses are needed now more than ever!