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Allow NJ Electrical Contractors to legally install fuel piping for gas fueled generators

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In the past, electrical contractors were required to take out a plumbing permit as an exempt applicant for the installation of the fuel piping for gaseous fueled generators. The electrical contractor was required to have an air test inspection and the job was done.

About ten years ago, you had to be a NJ registered home improvement contractor to do the same work electrical contractors were already doing.  

Now ONLY the newly formed HVARC contractors and Plumbers can legally do gas piping.  

Because the electrical contractor is installing the generator, the gas pipe installation falls under the scope of that work. Electrical contractors install pipe every day. Gas pipe is no different. HVARC contractors usually run tin duct and flexible hoses. How is it that they can install gas pipe and an electrical contractor can not.

Due to this new law, the cost of an already expensive project will be higher causing harm to the consumer. It will also delay the project due to having to schedule another contractor on the project.  It is more cost effective to do a project with men already on the job rather than add the cost and time of another contractor for just one piece of the project.

Electrical contractors have been doing gas pipe installations for over 35 years with no problems.  We obtain the proper permits and inspections and the consumer is protected by getting the job inspected.  This new law is detrimental to the consumer, the electrical contractor, the State of New Jersey and the economy of the construction industry.

Please sign this petition to show your support to change this new law so that licensed electrical contractors can install the gas lines for generator installation projects without having to hire a secondary contractor for part of the project.

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