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NJ Assemblyman Lou Greenwald: 50,000 Responsible Gun Owners Who Oppose Poorly Crafted Legislation

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The new legislation proposed by the New Jersey Assembly Democrats in regards to Gun Violence Prevention is truly an assault on gun owners rights. What is framed as a gun violence prevention package is poorly crafted, loaded with unintended consequences, and in many places conflicts with existing law. The proposed bills will only make law abiding gun owners into criminals overnight. None of these bills have anything to do with preventing crime. The bills in this package are unworkable and put people at risk of incarceration for owning items that have been owned for decades by responsible people. Morality cannot be legislated and sanity has to rule the day. As Americans we are taught not to judge the many by the acts of a bad few. We are being targeted by virtue of ownership and expression of our Second Amendment rights. Every person who has signed this petition does not support the package of bills. We need 50,000 responsible gun owners who oppose this rash of bills aimed at our rights and freedoms as Americans, and NJ residents. The Assemblyman said he did not have a problem with gun owners who follow the law. This legislation will have people in the legal crosshairs and at risk of incarceration. The Assemblyman held up a folio that he said contained 34,000 signatures from people who supported this package of legislation. We ask 50,000 people to sign this in opposition to the proposed legislation so we can inject honesty into the conversation. His actions and support of this package have shown us otherwise.

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