Release domains at de-accredited registrar MITSU

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A year ago NIXI who operates the dot IN Registry de-accredited registrar MITSU Inc and their association was terminated. Since then several domain name owners (registrants) are unable to manage the domain related nameservers, develop, trade, sell or make any changes to their domain names.

Domain owners or registrants have been left to the mercy of the sub-judice matter timeline, its outcome still pending and have been given no choice by either the registrar nor the dot IN registry operated under NIXI to migrate out their names.

We request NIXI to represent the registrants with the appropriate judiciary or arbitration forum in this case having ultimately collected sums towards annual registration and renewal payments via the de-accredited registrar MITSU Inc.

NIXI could propose a methodical and systematic transfer out process or have the stay vacated on these domains. 

This should cause no harm or hardship to either parties in this case since the electronic evidence of breach in this case have been submitted to the trial courts and are well established.