Bring Ben back to CHS

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Ben Thornton was expelled from Cambridge High School on Friday the 22nd of March. This Petition is made in the hope that if the bored of trustees sees how many people will be affected by Bens absence from the school and  they will give him one last chance to work hard and gain NCEA level 2. Personally I’m devistated by Bens expolsion and I know his close friends and girlfriend are struggling a lot not having him as a support he is also struggling and is very regretful over his actions leading up to his expolsion if he is not brought back he will have to move away from his friends and Family and will have to start going to a new school in order to get NCEA level 2 to to Persue his dreams of becoming a chef.

If Bens expolsion has negatively affected you please sign this document this is the only hope he and his friends and family have of him coming back to school and not leaving our lives forever to go to another school.