Drag Racing or SAFE STREETS

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For months the Northwest Bronx has seen a spike of drag racing and high-speed driving at all hours of the night and day.  Independence Avenue’s wide, newly paved, unpainted lanes have drawn drag racers near Seton Park, and up Independence to 246th Street.  Racers can be seen and heard from Fieldston Road, to Oxford Avenue, from Henry Hudson Parkway to the Deegan, from 232nd to 256th streets.  On Sunday at 4 am a car flipped on its side, trapping four passengers.  The Police Department has been contacted to improve surveillance.

We, the community, request the DOT study the areas in question (listed below) in order to ascertain which long-term structural improvements could make the area safer.   We would like to work with you and partner together in bringing the best ideas to this people-friendly neighborhood.   

We understand that the DOT uses crash data to prioritize street-safety evaluations. Because we have just witnessed the first drag-racing-related crash in the area, the data will not tell the story.  We continue to log complaints with 311. 

The community has gathered in person (https://www.riverdalepress.com/stories/bringing-drag-racing-to-a-screeching-halt on Zoom at a CB8 Traffic and Transportation meeting, and online on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/riverdalenyc and on NextDoor to request speed bumps (restored by the DOT), cameras, and enforcement by the NYPD. 

Good solutions could ameliorate several problems at once: A DOT review could reduce drag racing, improve street safety, and make the streets friendlier to alternative transportation modes, such as bicycles.

Areas of Concern (Signers, please add your block in the comments!):

-        Independence Avenue from 232nd to 246th streets

-        246th Street from Fieldston Road to Independence Avenue

-        237th Street from Henry Hudson Parkway to Hudson Manor Terrace

-        Riverdale Avenue from 259th Southbound to 252nd