Complete transparency on Indian discount brokerage platforms.

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I am kartikeya khantwal, and I've been trading since 5 years now and continuously suffering from technical glitches in times of high volatility or even on normal days .

The glitches range from being unable to login, to pending orders, to triggering false orders ie- market to limit and vice versa .

This has become a regular thing despite various reassurances from the director of these brokerage firms of Technical upgradation . As a trader, I demand to know what sort of technical upgradations are made .Aming severe allegations such as stop loss hunting and using proprietary trading desks to trades themselves in a volatility crunch, this seems just like the base of the real issue .

On behalf the Indian trading community, I request a thorough investigation made into the sort of upgradations made by these firms by sebi and outside agencies. This is severely hampering my and loads of other traders monthly and annual returns on the negative front .

I request all traders to come together as one to solve this issue .