water security

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Given the water scarcity that is looming over our country and the world. Water security is the most important subject that needs attention from our government. The infighting within our country will only grow if the states do not put aside the political differences and sit across a table and bring out a plan to tackle the problem of water conservation.

In a city like Bengaluru, water is pumped from hundreds of kilometers away to provide for the growing thirsts of its population. The number of lakes it boasted of in thousands have dwindled into a few hundreds.

There are many ambitious plans from the central government which are meaningless without water security.

Central to the swach Bharat abhiyan, is the need for water security. We may today build toilets at home or community toilets, but of there is no water to be used in the toilet, we are just wasting money over brick and mortar. The much spoke about safety and security of the women that is compromised because of open defecation, is not made any better if they have to fetch water from far off places from their villages.

eradicating open defecation comes with a cost, water. We would need more water in a toilet to maintain hygiene and keep away from disease causing germs. We also have to make sure that the toilet cleaners do not find their way into the water bodies and endanger the water-bodies and the aquatic life in it.

Even in the recently concluded budget, there was so much funds set aside for swach bharat and renewable energy, but hardly anything for water security.

The government also wishes to double the farm income by two fold by 2022, There are a lot of provisions and schemes to dig bore-wells and improve irrigation. The government should spend more time and money by rejuvenating lakes, reviving the rivers treating the water that comes out of household, industries and communities. Instead of letting the water flow away during storms, we have to have nationwide plans to harvest rain water.

Let us not wait in the hope of rain whenever we are in need of water. Let us save the water when it rains.


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