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TURN BACK THE AUTOMATIC HEADLAMP ON ( AHO ) mandate as it will Increase Global Warming .

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I Urge All People To Support Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) Mandate to be Taken OFF Or make Necessary Changes as it would Increase the Global Warming Considerably . As INDIA is the Biggest market for Two Wheeler After 2 or 5 Year , when Lakhs of the New vehicles would Come in Indian market which would have the halogen lamps always lit, think of the collective heat that will be emitted. At a traffic signals, where heat radiation are already felt high, those hundreds of vehicles would contribute to much higher heat because of always ON halogen lamp. This will accelerate the rise in temperature of the region and Nation as well .

This was Also Implemented in EUROPEAN Counties as the weather is foggy most of the time but India is a very diverse country & Foggy roads are witnessed mostly in North India and rarely in South India .

Power consumption within the vehicle becomes higher. This gives a comparatively higher load to the magneto/alternator, which is transferred to the crankshaft. Consequentially there will be a drop in mileage in the vehicles with this type of AHO, by as much as 1 kmpl. This is in case of halogen bulb for low beam. After a year or two, when every vehicle (especially two-wheeler) on road has around 1 kmpl drop due to wear & tear, the collective consequence of burning more fuel could really high.

As a Biggest Market Leader we also have the Biggest Responsibility to Also Take care of Mother Nature and the Adverse effect our Decision will cause to It .

Though Its Beneficial is Some cases and Area Specific it Shouldn't be made Compulsory Taking In Account the Problem it would Create in Times to Come .







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