Scrap Exorbitant Penalties Of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019

Scrap Exorbitant Penalties Of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019

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Girdharee saran started this petition to Nitin Gadkari (Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India)

Sh. Nitin Gadkari,
Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India.

I admire you. I really do, for your awesome work in improving the transport system of our country! You have been at the forefront of innovation in the last two terms of Modi Government. Someone rightly called you one of the best performing ministers in Modi Government who has an enviable track record on delivering on promises.

Sir, I want to bring to your attention the latest amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act, I understand you have been rightly championing the cause for road safety.

Does the answer lie in heavier fines? Isn't this a case of misplaced priorities?

What we really needed was better implementation of the road safety laws, not a random increase in the penalty. 

This is our second week with the amended law and two people set their vehicles on fire.The Challan amount went as high as 86,500

The reality is, you have given unlimited power in the hands of traffic policemen, unfortunately the most corrupt wings of our policing system. 

Why not carrying documents is not equal to having them?
Are there vehicles without registration certificates? If yes, who is at fault? Unless we start making bikes in our backyard, there is hardly any possibility of something going out of a showroom without proper documentation. 

Imagine I am getting late for office and forgot my Driving license at home. It makes my offence equal to someone who has never got a driver's license. Come to think of it, this is not fair.

When you have M-Parivahan app for public use, why can’t our traffic police have an app where they can check all my documents? My vehicle’s RC, my Driving Licence and Insurance are all part of govt records, why is the onus on me to show them if I accidentally jumped a red light? A policemen will issue a challan there and then, either I pay up or I have to take 4-5 leaves to pay the challan in court and get my documents back!

The great Indian sale of pollution certificates- 

Everyone who ever got a pollution certificate knows what I mean. They are virtually on a selling spree, in gurgaon we have street hawkers who sell pollution certificates. There are packages for 3 months, 6 months or even one year. All I need to do is pay more. How does that really help?

What if these polluting vehicles have the fitness certificates and Anti Pollution certificates? Can a traffic policemen issue a challan despite seeing it in front of their eyes?

If a vehicle is causing pollution, whom should we trust? A certificate or a reality check? Why do police have no mechanism to check pollution other than relying on a bogus certificate? 

Are we really serious about stopping drunk driving?
If yes, then hefty fines is not the answer. My city Gurgaon has been frequently in the news for drunk drivers dragging a policeman on their bonnets and this is not one of the incidents, some of them have been fatal. Check this youtube video and you will understand

Now let’s do a reality check!
In a metropolitan like Gurgaon, there are drinking spots, a 5 year kid can tell you where they are. A place like Cyberhub or Sector 29 hosts close to 100+ bars with a parking space for more than 6000+ vehicles. 

That’s where we celebrate our Fridays! I am sure it's the same for every city. Why is police not around to check drunk driving on Fridays? If yes, how many challans are issued? 

Does this point to a tacit understanding between police and the owners of these drinking spots? Otherwise how can such an open secret be ignored?

Why Club Everything?

Why is the policeman’s sole focus  on maximizing the challan amount? If someone forgot a helmet, why does he have to pass all the other tests?

To the general public 

Now the meme fest is over, we have drawn enough sadistic pleasure in seeing someone losing his bike in lieu of a challan. Just imagine yourself in that situation, there is literally no pleasure in begging in front of a traffic policeman.

Do your best to save yourself from hefty fines, until we have more supporters to fight it out. Start using M- Parivahan or Digilocker apps

Now that the minister himself has confirmed, the traffic police has to accept the documents saved in your digilocker and Mparivahan apps. 

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!