Save water for future don't make it luxury make it a necessity

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Now a days it's becoming so common in news that many places are facing drinking water problems and these problems are globally spread, but when it comes to india it becomes bigger because natural resources are limited and population here is growing rapidly that it won't be any doubt to say that when new cencus will arrive in 2021 we will become world's most populated country,i.e. leaving china behind.

It's time to think about saving natural resources and among all natural resources water is most important for our living. Aware people to save water, but how much awareness do we have in our society? I constantly ask this question to myself every time I see some news related to water crisis, that what I can do? How to improve this bad habbit of wasting water?

So, the ideas that came to my mind are -:

First, Government should make some strong rules for wastage of water with charges and penalty. In cities where supplied waters are being provided, Government or providing authories should attach a meter with it for individual houses and to control the water wastage set a limit like 1000 litres or 2000 litres and after that charge ₹4 or ₹5 per litre of water usage.Use this money for further improvement and for taking care of water resources.

Second- Government and celebrities here in india should promote water saving campaign in all manner, it will be helpful as advertising will make people more aware of water wastage and way to save it.

Third- Government should make it complusory for every individual houses which are going to built after 2018 to have rain water harvesting management on there roof so we can increase water level by saving rain water and reverse by boring it.

That's all for my suggestion. Please think what you are going to provide your child as there future, waterless earth?
It was rightly said that third world war will be for drinking water!

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