Test for a driving licence

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Hello all you logical Indians,

To be able to operate a 700 kgs machine which is stationery in a workshop, you need to study for 5 years and then you are allowed to operate it. Whereas to operate a 2 mtons machinery out on the road which could be dangerously​ life taking for you as well as others , all it takes in India is just about ₹1000 and some documents. 

Why can't we have a proper study and then a written test and for driving License in India ? Hardly anyone knows the laws and rights of way, let alone follow them. 

This test will ensure only responsible and fully trained drivers on the road. That will reduce some traffic of course but that's something's we all want too. Pollution, road rage, accidents etc many problems can be solved by this. 

Our fellow Indians go to all other counties and take the same test. Why not in India ? 

This will also give opportunity for some institutions to come up with this course.

These tests can be conducted only by govt approved institutions.

Let's all put this petition forward to ensure road safety, and proper road manners.