High Beam Not Ok Please

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What does it feel like to be suddenly blinded for a few seconds only to find yourself in the hospital with a damaged body and vehicle? 

This is exactly the plight of all those who have been victims of accidents caused due to driving on ‘high beam’.

Not following signals, over-speeding or drunk driving - the reasons for the increase in road accidents are plenty. While we highlight the many reasons for road accidents, we often forget, or rather ignore the dangerous role that driving on ‘high beam’ has. Sign this petition.

High-beam lights account for 25% of mishaps, especially in the case of two-wheelers. The fine for driving on high beam is a mere Rs. 100, and can go up to Rs. 300 in certain cases. This needs to change!

The RTO imposes fines on all other reasons that cause accidents, and has taken prompt steps to increase the fines to instill a sense of fear and mindfulness amongst the drivers, they have not been able to do the same for driving on ‘high beam’. 

#HighBeamNotOkPlease is an initiative by BIGFM & HDFC ERGO to make our roads safer for all of us. Sign this petition asking the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to increase the fine for driving on high beams.