Dispose the more than 3 million vehicles impounded across India - loss to the economy

Dispose the more than 3 million vehicles impounded across India - loss to the economy

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There are more than 15,000 police stations in India. Under various situations the police officers are impounding vehicles. It maybe result of a criminal finding, hit & run case, thieves busted, abandoned or otherwise.

A conservative number for these vehicles would be 3 million (30 lacs vehicles). These vehicles are parked around every police station gathering dust and depreciating in value.

The police officers would be keeping inventory records and maintaining security for these vehicles. Definitely there would be some theft of parts, tyres, etc happening from these vehicles which are usually abandoned and lying around 24x7.

The cleanliness and hygiene around a police station is always disrupted due to these vehicles being parked for months and years together.

As per the RTO rules all such vehicles are supposed to continue paying taxes until they don't cancel their registration at the RTO, which never happens. This amount would be accounted as receivable but never received.

If the Government changes the rule that any such vehicle which is impounded for any reason, should be discarded for scrapping only at highest paid amount for scrap value, a significant amount can come to the Government's ex-chequer and the unnecessary headache of Police officials is reduced and they can work on more productive things.

Crores of Rupees which would never come will now be possible to be received by the Government helping in various initiatives.

Acres of land across the country would be utilised for this purpose which can be freed up and maybe used for giving to displaced citizens for road development.

Today a police department has to run from pillar to post getting court order to clear these vehicles and dispose them, which is also time spent by the police officials.

Why should the law officers give parking & security to these vehicles ? Why should the culprits be given indefinite time to pay the dues?

The Government should pass an ordnance to permit police commissioners to dispose the vehicles within 3-6 months of impounding if the owner does not come forward to clear the amount against the crime or amount receivable.