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Safer Roads, Better Transport & Traffic management system in India

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Every day in India, close to 400 indians die in Roads in accidents. The number of injured is probably in thousands. Many of these are our Youngsters, India's future. 

How long can we keep ignoring this gargantuan crises facing each and every Indian in the face? Closing our eyes to reality wont change the fact that we lose Lakhs of Indians on Roads every year !!! 

Its time to say enough is enough. Sign this petition about 20 suggestions made about reforming our Transport and Traffic system and forward it to your friends. 

1. First, make the process of issuing license to drive very stringent and transparent.
2. Driving tests should video recorded, licences to be renewed every ten years
3. Put heavy fine for the people who jump traffic lights, do rash driving, drunk driving, without seat belts etc.
4. Plus cancel the license for serious offences and no re application for next three years..
5. Cars of people driving without license should be seized immediately and released after minimum fine of 20,000 rs in the court in presence of a judge..
6. Traffic challans should be made cashless, swipe machines at all traffic signals.. No cash..
7. Any traffic cop indulging in corruption should be suspended immediately
8. Increase the strength of dedicated traffic cops, raise the salary
9. Install cctv cameras at all major signals
10. Create traffic islands
11. Anyone indulging in road rage or drunk driving resulting in a major accident should be debarred from driving for the rest of his life, no license..
12. Structural changes in Road design to ensure separation n Segregation of busy crossings, squares, connecting roads, streets, lanes n bylanes.
13. Newer methods of mass transportation like BRTS, MRTS, HyperLoop, Underground Tunnel networks etc
14. Dedicated Bicycle, Pedestrian lanes alongside all major roads
15. Incentivise Work from Home
16. No driving license to be given to those less than 21 yrs
17. Involve community in policing n local traffic management
18. Online grievance redressal cell, where people can upload video/pics of traffic violators who will then be sought out by authorities n punished
19. No new commercial building or Housing structures be allowed without adequate Parking facility
20. Banning outdated vehicles n modes of transport like Horse/Bull driven carts

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