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Retired Policeman who ran over Hulimavu dog finally convicted

Nearly nine months after this old boy was ruthlessly run over - this was the second time btw- the former policeman was convicted by the courts under both IPC and PCA and ordered to face 30 days jail time or a  1000 + 1000 fine for the two sections. It is a small amount but a victory for all those people who worked together This is possibly the first time multiple stake holders such as BBMP, KAWB/SPCA, NGOslike WSA , CARE , Bozowags came together to put pressure so the helpless animal got some justice. The FIR was accepted and pressure  exerted by stakeholders to prevent the dreaded B Report, and that it was was accorded due attention by the courts is a win by itself, however small.  The accused was arrested but released on bail initially and after months of integrated diligence and follow up is now finally convicted of the crime . He also has permanent criminal record in his name and that is a major precedent. Stop his pension - as a civil servant, he must pay even more than a civilian for breaking law. Also we plan to visit the offenders to ensure they understand their crime - they must now do some community service to atone. There are two other similar cases yet to reach justice and in each case perpetrators have been retired govt or public sector employees. Are animals worth so little or do they think they are above the law ? Hopefully this legal and media trial will curb other wilful offences in the future - said spokesperson for Citizens for Animal Birth Control & CJMT And what about the other near identical case now? Old Karupu, run over (and sadly died) exactly the same way as this old boy. FIR lodged , PM done , CCTV shared. The 70 year old retired ADE employee at Devaiah Park, Rajaji Nagar was arrested and got station bail immediately. He smirks inside his house while the community weeps and puts flowers on the spot he died. The previous week his companion Velli was almost stabbed to death. How do these monsters survive DESPITE strong animal lovers like us ?#JAILHIM - it’s about damn time . Please check the page https://www.facebook.com/ATearForMyKarpu/ https://www.deccanherald.com/metrolife/metrolife-your-bond-with-bengaluru/former-cop-convicted-of-killing-a-dog-1028835.html

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
8 months ago