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Help save lives of thousands of two-wheeler riders

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Moumita Ghosh Pal from Kolkata lost her life in January 2017 due to not putting the strap on her helmet. 

Moumita, a junior accountant with National Sample Survey Organisation, a unit under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation of the Government of India, and Hiranmay, an assistant manager at the Air Traffic Control of Kolkata airport, were about to celebrate their third anniversary on January 26. "The two were extremely excited, making plans for the anniversary and look what fate had in store for them"

Tens of thousands of two-wheeler riders are getting killed EVERY YEAR in India due to two-wheeler related accidents. Over a lakh of two-wheeler riders/pillions are injured, a good amount of them are permanently disabled.

Please sign this petition to bring it to the notice of Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Honorable Minister of Road Transport and Highways.

We ask the Government to:
1. Amend traffic policing guidelines across India, and makes it mandatory for riders and pillions to drive with "right-sized helmet that is PROPERLY SECURED"

2. Make it impossible for the sale of poor quality helmets sold by the road size

3. Make it mandatory that all petrol pumps only dispense petrol when riders & pillions are wearing properly secured helmets

4. Direct Traffic police at intersections to look for violations in strapping helmets securely

5. Modify the current "wear helmet" campaigns on all media forms, so that emphasis is given to strapping them securely

Our loved ones are waiting for us to reach safely at home.

For further info:

1. Road accident data from the Government in 2015:

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