Get strict laws implemented for Trucks & Transportation Companies against road accidents.

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Recently while travelling with family we met with an accident on Delhi-Jaipur highway. Although none of us faced any serious injuries but our car was severely damaged and we were determined to bring the guilty to justice. 

We called the police and NHAI officials as any citizen would do but to our surprise none of them arrived and we were appalled by the casual attitude of the truck driver as if he already knew nothing was going to happen.He even left the whole truck blocking the way for everyone and went to have food in between. 

Finally we were suggested to leave the area as it was dark and the area was not particularly safe for women. 

We had to leave then but the horrible memory never left our mind and upon research we found out that it is a general trend in case of heavy vehicles. Their owners being financially sound often instruct their drivers to hit and run in case of an accident as later justice is rarely served since their lawyers take care of rest and often victims don't want to go through the hassle of court,etc.


We know several laws exist under Motor Vehicle Act,etc. however, the loose implementation of the existing ones and no strict provision to halt their businesses exist. This scenario can change if strict laws are implemented like the permit of the transporter being revoked or put on hold upon complaint along with evidence (like in our scenario we have pictures and videos of the incident). Repeated offenders should face lifetime ban so that they take law more seriously. 

It would ensure that the drivers would drive more carefully and fair compensation is given to the victims in such cases. Also, the faulty people would be taken out of the system.