Better Traffic Management on Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway

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The Delhi Gurgaon e-way is the busiest inter city route in India and handles in excess of 2 lac vehicles everyday. People travelling daily face a harrowing time everyday due to the failure of traffic police and infastructural lacunae that plague the project. Random construction without factoring in the pain it causes to daily commuters o ly adds to the woes of daily commuters.

Shree Rajnath Singh ji, I exhort you to kindly direct the Delhi Traffic Police to take stringent action and to curb ills like unauthorized parking and crackdown on vehicles over 15 year old which frequently break down including DTC busses. 

Shree Nitin Gadkari, I exhort you to fast track the construction of alternate routes in and out of Gurgaon so as to reduce the burden of vehicles on the Expressway, currently people from all parts of Delhi i.e. North, South, West and East Delhi use it, therefore it takes hours to travel a strech that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

I hope that you would empathize with common tax paying citizens of Delhi and Gurgaon and pass instructions to relevant officers