Better customer service from Uber Taxi company

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Recently I returned to India after a long stay abroad. I was looking forward to get better and improved experience in India due to all the nice things I had been hearing about how India had been changing for the better, while I was away in a foreign country. To my utter dismay, as soon as I landed in India, I realised that there was absolutely nothing which had changed in India in terms of honesty, politeness, and work ethics, starting with my unpleasant experience related to the cab I took, to travel from the airport to my home. My family member had come to airport to pick me and based on their suggestion, I took Uber cab service to travel from Kempegowda international airport to my home in Bangalore. Since I had not registered myself with them, this trip was based on my family member's registration with uber. The driver had kept all my things in the cab to begin with. When we reached our destination, the driver again helped take my things from the cab. In the process, he has (strongly suspected to be deliberate)  not kept one of my items which I had brought from the foreign country. At that point in time I failed to notice my item missing because of my travel exhaustion. Later when I noticed, we immediately called the driver through uber. Note: Uber does not allow us direct contact with its drivers even though we have a genuine complaint. The driver told us that he did have the item with him, and that he would return it to us when he passed through our area. After this, there was no trace of him either returning my item, nor did he pick up our several calls. When we tried to contact uber to make a  complain, we noticed to our horror, that uber has given us NO option at all to effectively put our complaint and bring the driver to justice. It's as if Uber is hand in hand with the cheating drivers, to cheat us customers. When I started to read other's reviews about uber, I found that Uber seems to be indeed a company out here in India to cheat us hapless customers, with no proper customer service, no proper antitheft policies to help us customers. I found innumerous complaints against uber service, relating to its dishonest drivers, and non availability of Uber customer service for our complaints. 

I appeal to the honorable minister of transportation Mr. Nitin Gadkari to conduct an honest enquiry about the way Uber is running it's business in India, and either bring this fraudulent company to justice, or to revoke the business licence granted to Uber, in order not to harass ordinary Indians.

I am venturing to give my valuable time for this cause because I would like to see India and our reputation to be really on the mend, not just being hyped up in the media. 

I appeal to all my fellow Indian brothers and sisters to sign this petition to bring about a better India.

Jai Hind

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