Better collection procedure of MCD toll tax on Gurugram-Delhi Highway

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Gurugram has been the MNC hub of not only NCR, but it in the last decade has grown to become one of the biggest hubs in the nation. Almost 4 years ago, Delhi High Court, in a historic judgement, scrapped the toll on Delhi-Gurugram highway. The 16 lane toll lane was reduced to 4 to bring relief to the commuters who travelled from Delhi to Gurugram to earn their livelihood.  The 4 lanes that were excluded from the rule were on the Delhi side to collect entry tax from commercial vehicles. The other 4 lanes on the same side were kept open for private vehicles to pass freely.

The MCD toll at the moment is not only a toll on one's pocket but a toll on the comfort of people coming back from a tiring day at work. Above everything, it is a toll on the air of NCR. I do not know the exact number of vehicles, but a newspaper reported in a 2014 article that more than 2 lakh vehicles enter Gurugram from Delhi on a daily basis. The number today if not more, will certainly not be less.

The appointed goons forcefully slowdown the traffic. Recently there were a lot of talks about the amount of pollution in NCR. Major contributor are traffic jams. Slow moving vehicles burn more gas due to constant acceleration and braking which pumps more pollutants. Thousands of Kiloliters of fuel is wasted daily due to traffic jams. One does not need to be a master in mathematics to calculate how much money is lost on fuel and that it will certainly be more than the revenue generated through taxation. Thus collecting MCD toll does not even make economic sense. Some studies also point towards the loss in productivity of humans and increase in road accidents due traffic congestion.

I therefore urge Mr Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways to take some action. If collecting tax is necessary, Sir please provide some guidelines to curb this menace. All that the people of Delhi want is free flowing traffic on the Gurugram-Delhi stretch of the highway.