Award Dorie Miller The Medal of Honor he deserves!

Award Dorie Miller The Medal of Honor he deserves!

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A "Call to Action for Navy Mess Stewart Doris Dorie Miller to Recieve Potumouslty The Medal of Honor for His Heroics During the Attack on Pearl Harbor

The Peekskill High School MBK Black Diamonds Academic Success Program asks for your support in getting Dorie Miller the honor he deserves.

Dorie Miller served in the Navy at a time when African Americans were only allowed to work in the mess halls as cooks or servers because of segregation rules in the military. 

While onboard the USS West Virginia on that fateful day, during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Miller ran to the deck to see what was going on and saw his Captain, who was mortally wounded. Miller moved him to a place of greater safety and then returned to the deck and manned one of the 50 mm guns, that he was never trained on, and shot down several Japanese fighter planes. Miller's actions were heroic!

The Black Diamonds learned about Dorie Miller from former US Congressman, Joe DioGuardi, who has been trying to get Miller the Medal of Honor for over 30 years. Dioguardi has explained that over one and a half million Black men served in WWI and WWII and none of them received the Medal of Honor, largely because of racism that was prevalent during that time.  "Yes, the time has come to set the record straight on racial justice in America", says DioGuardi. "In the case of Dorie Miller, seventy-eight years after his heroic actions, at extreme risk to his own life, Dorie Miller is most deserving. at long last. of our nation's highest military award. the Medal of Honor."

We are asking for you to sign this petition in support of getting  Doris "Dorie" Miller the Medal of Honor he so richly deserves.