Request to NIT Warangal Administration to Update Academic Calendar and Evaluation Scheme

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Disclaimer: This petition is not intended to hurt the opinions/sentiments of anyone. As students of an esteemed institution, we believe our voices should be heard, and this is an attempt at that.

As we all know, we are in the midst of a very unprecedented and chaotic time due to COVID-19. In this period of uncertainty where everyone is thinking about saving the lives of their own or their loved ones, the uncertainty and tentative nature regarding the academic schedule are avoidable stress and a burden on the students of our institute.

As per the new academic calendar released by NIT Warangal, end examinations will be conducted in the month of June - July, which is said to be the time when COVID 19 would peak in India - Covid19 is likely to peak in June-July, says AIIMS Delhi Director, Cases in India will peak by July end, says WHO envoy. It is highly possible that when thousands of students will travel from their native place to college, some might catch the virus and they will spread this virus to the other students in the institute (considering institute won't be able to screen all the students).

We request the administration to consider the academic calendars and notices put up by other Institutes of National Importance, such as IIT Bombay (IIT Bombay's notice), NIT Trichy (NIT Trichy's notice), NITK Surathkal (NITK Surathkal's notice), NIT Rourkela (NIT Rourkela's notice), NIT Calicut (NIT Calicut's notice), NIT Durgapur (NIT Durgapur's notice), NIT Kurukshetra (NIT Kurukshetra's notice), NIT Delhi (NIT Delhi's notice), NIT Raipur (NIT Raipur's notice), NIT Meghalaya (NIT Meghalaya's notice), NIT Srinagar (NIT Srinagar's notice), NIT Jalandhar (NIT Jalandhar's notice) among others.  

Now coming to the issue of all the foreign students, coming from different parts of the world in the chaotic time and from places that are badly hit by the virus-like the Middle East that too just one day before examination and they have to leave just after the completion of the exam is like making it more sophisticated. Making matters even worse for international students, our government has made a 14 day paid quarantine mandatory for incoming travelers. Delhi set to receive 400 people stranded abroad; only paid quarantine facility for airport arrivals.

Another issue is that several companies want to have virtual onboarding and the date of joining of the placed students is coming soon so the companies can't wait for the examination and can revoke the students' offer.  

There's a growing concern among students who are doing their internships virtually this summer, most of whom have already started interning or will do so in a short time. These students would face a lot of unnecessary pressure with online classes and exam preparation while having to simultaneously work.   

As a suggestion, what the institute can do is waive the burden of examination from the students and ease their lives to a certain extent. There are many possibilities to do the same based on different academic years:

  1. For final year students, for whom the Date of Joining in companies is an important criterion, it is important that they get their degrees soon. It can also observable that for these students, their final CGPA will not wary as much. For that reason, a possibility can be to do 40% grading based on the internals conducted till now, and 60% based on the CGPA till now(since it's a fair representation of the performance of students till now). 
  2. For non-final year students (except first years), as the grade of their current semester has a significant impact on their CGPA. In this regard, conducting online assessments, preferably through assignments could be a viable option.
  3. For first-year students who have had just one semester, and who have an attempt at "Branch Change" which is an important priority for some students, faculty can give online assignments/quizzes/MCQs and grade based on that.

If any student, irrespective of the year, wants an option to improve their grades, they can choose to do assignments to grade the remaining part rather than being graded on past semesters. This choice can be really helpful for many students!

We certainly hope that the solutions presented address the different issues of different people, and is the most practical solution possible, keeping in mind the health and career prospects of students.

Thanking You

A Concerned Student