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Retail release of ClaDun: Sengoku and Touhou: Genso Wanderer

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Since years is NIS Amerika localizing games for the PS Vita, every year, every month several games are coming out for our handheld, thanks to the japanese publisher. In this year two new games arrived in our digital library, ClaDun Returns: This is Sengoku and Touhou Genso Wanderer. But digital only. 

I own my Vita since 2012 and i remember every game, announced by NISA and every Limited Edition, published by them. All of them, every single one were amazing and got a special place in my heart. But this two games got nothing, not a retail release, not a collectors edition, not even a limited retail version. It is not right. Such great games deserve retail versions to be present for the new generation of gamers on Vita, too. So please! Grant our wish and release them! 

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