Refund my income tax paid in 2019-20 to survive in 2020-21

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I am a middle class salaried, tax-paying Indian citizen working In Tourism and Hospitality Industry, which is the worst-hit due to COVID19 and it will be the last to recover. I am the sole earner for my family with many bills to pay. I am worried about my industry and my future. We have had no sale for months and obviously this has resulted in salary cuts. I am honored to work for an organization that has honored their commitments and have not asked anyone to look outside of them.  But considering the current situation of the industry how are we supposed to survive for the next 12-18 months as the COVID-19 crisis will limit travel and the organization may not be able to sustain and support us for that long. 

Sign my petition asking the Prime Minister and Finance Minister for tax relief by refunding income tax that is paid by salaried middle class during 2019-20 so that we can survive in 2020-21.

I have been personally paying income tax to the government for nearly 25 years and today when I am in need I request support from the government. I am a law-abiding citizen of India and would appreciate the government to proactively take care of us during this crisis. 

I appeal to each and every citizen of India to join me in getting justice for the middle class, who are affected by the lockdown by signing this petition.

It’s high time that the government shows support towards the middle class!