Modernization of Indian Air force Aircrafts

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Wing commander Abhinandans aircraft downing can be attributed to usage of obsolete fighter/interceptor like Mig 21.

[ Imagine what such a skilled fighter pilot would think for he being captured only for a reason of flying an obsolete fighter plane]

MIGs were introduced in to the Indian Air force in 1962 when the Indian economy was small but we are still continuing to use it while a lot of countries have retired it. Even Pakistan is relying on F16s which are comparatively more advanced.

Even after almost half a century and with fastest growing economy in the world, India is relying on MIGs, which we need to be ashamed of.

IndiaToday has once termed it as flying coffin, with Indian Air force loosing half the MIG fighters in carshes itself (

While our soldiers are dying to protect our land and for safety of each one of us, the least we can do is ask our government for a comparatively better fighter planes.  

So, as fellow Indian, I would like to call upon everyone, to sign this petition to be shared with Ministry of defense.