Financial support for salon and spa industry amid Covid -19 outbreak

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The one place from where you come out always feeling good about yourself is your local salon, beauty parlour and spa. No matter how stressed you are throughout the week, no matter if you want to look the best for your big day, no matter if its just a bit pampering that you need, your local salon has always served you to its best capability. Be it the your hair stylist to whom you have been going since last 10 years, or your beautician who puts in so much efforts while doing your pedicure & manicure - they all need our help at these times.. 

India, like many other countries around the world, is experiencing a national health crisis caused by Coronavirus. The entire nation is on a 21-day lockdown. But a big credit goes to these heroes - our salons, beauty parlours and spa who closed their operations keeping our health & safety first despite taking a direct revenue hit. Please sign my petition.

According to industry estimates, in the top 35 cities alone, there are some 85,000 salons (four-chair, two-bed units) in operation, employing around 2.5 lakh beauty professionals including 50,000 freelancers. If this shutdown continues, 30% to 35% of the employee-base could lose their jobs. For a salon to continue being operational, they have to be financially sustainable to ensure payment of loans, expenses, salaries, rent & so much more. Our community cannot work from home!

Which is why a government intervention is the need of the hour. Just as many individuals live from pay-check to pay-check, so do salons and spas. The Government needs to: 

1) Introduce employee unemployment pay cover to make sure workers do not have to worry about salaries in such testing times.
2) Defer rent and utility payments 
3) Moratorium for upcoming statutory dues. 4) Provide grants to tax paying legal salons and spas

For years, hairstylists, beauticians and therapists have served us relentlessly. Now, we need help from our communities and government. 

As for you, you can help by signing this petition to ask the Finance Minister of India to save Indian beauty industry.