Increase health budget to 10% of GDP

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Thank you for one lakh signatures!

Dear friend,

Thank you for your support for this petition asking the Indian government to spend 10% on healthcare. 

I would like to share this article with you. https//

This article shows that cumulative health spend of India by centre and states together is less than 4% compared to developed nations where they spend about 18% of GDP on healthcare and Japan which spends 23%!

We cannot hope to become the world's leading economy with an unhealthy population or an impoverished peoples where every major illness pushes families under debt to provide for treatment. The recent case where a woman died of her 16th pregnancy goes to show primary healthcare and providing birth control are not reaching every nook and corner of India. As a developing nation, we must aim to provide quality healthcare and that cannot happen by band-aid insurance schemes. We must invest more into healthcare infrastructure,make primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare available to all citizens of India.

As the government gets into its planning for the budget I urge you to please sign and share this petition asking more friends to sign and have a huge number of Indians ask for #TenForHealth i.e, 10% of the GDP for health care.

It is the season of festivities, take out a minute to sign and share this petition, so that the ones less fortunate than us will also find something to celebrate. Reach out to the government and ask them to focus this year's budget on healthcare.We must ensure our voices reach the planners now as Covid19 and air pollution together challenge the health of the people of India.

Warm regards

Dr. Sarika Verma

ENT Surgeon Gurgaon.


Dr​.​Sarika Verma
1 month ago