Income Tax Waiver for Middle Class due to COVID-19!

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If you're a middle class salaried employee like me, you are probably a law abiding tax paying citizen of this country. Your taxes are deducted at source by your employer. Unlike millions in the country who evade taxes or find ways to do so, you and I keep filling the government exchequer on a regular basis. 

Every-time, there's a crisis in the country, we happily donate to different relief funds and support in our own ways to help the needy. 

However, this time is different,everyone is impacted.

Today , with this Covid-19 Pandemic, middle class population has been affected by a variety of ways such as Job Losses, Pay-cuts, Unpaid Wages and countless other forms of cost increases to sustain daily lives.

I have one request to the government.

Give us a break! An INCOME TAX BREAK.

A simple ask : No taxes on income for the next six(6) months for Middle Class Salaried Employees. This not only benefits us but may also help revive the economy by enabling the consumers to keep the demand side steady.  Government has provided for or at least tried to for the poor and the rich as needed and that's okay. I'm asking to help people like you and me.

If you're someone like me and echo my thoughts,

If you're a Middle Class Salaried Indian National burdened by Income Tax, SIGN THIS PETITION

Let's make our voices heard.