Enforce Rent freeze throughout the country for the next two months

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The coronavirus crisis has impacted every sector of our economy. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, beauty and hair salons, gyms, cinemas, event management companies etc. All are the casual and daily wage earners are contemplating going home to their villages as they dont have any work but most of the country is in a lcokdown which is preventing them to do so.

Creating a rent freeze for two months and passing a law prohibiting landlords to evict their tenants will help ease the load on business and families. I understand that the Finance Minister is planning a relief package but enforcing this has to be on the top of her list.

I understand that a lot of the landlords income source is the rent that they receive. But taking rent from people whose business is suffering will only lead to their plots lying vacant in the near future as small business would have no option but to vacate the property which would eventually lead to a loss of future income for the landlords as there is eventually going to be a demand based recession in the coming months. 

I do not think that this is the only step which will ease the economic burden but will do its small bit to provide relief to people in these troubled times.