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Better Sleep - day before Selection Day

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Better sleep before selection day

The following photo shows that the applicants those who had personal practical selection from the Indian Military.

(Thanking for photo – Dinamalar’s  தமிழகத்தின் கண்ணாடி[Tamilakathin Kannadi])

They were taking dangerous sleep on the street the night before the selection day in front of the campus.

By seeing this picture, how they can perform well on their selection process on the next morning, with all tiredness of previous day travel plus improper sleep.

Indian Army is one of best (one in the first 5th rank) and proud Army in world. So the people must and are proud to be part of.

We know those who can afford can find a accommodation and better food the day before selection day. Which will better opportunity to those have the little bit luxury to afford than these countrymen.

But these countrymen do also deserve such rest and food as they were applying for BEST & PROUD Army.

The higher officials should consider a plan to provide free accommodation and food within the campus for previous night for those who cannot afford to do so.

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