Cantonments, our safe space.

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So according to our Defence Minister Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman, reopening Cantonment roads would "bridge the gap between the army and the civilians."
I would like to make a suggestion to make her work easier. Why not select random people from the streets and send them off to fight for the country?
There is a reason why cantonment roads are closed to the public. Defence families and establishments are always at a higher risk. Why? Because our soldiers and officers are the ones who ensures that you continue to live in a free country. And these Evil forces are always looking for a way to punish us for this.
Study in an Army Public School and you will know, we have more terror drills, that those for fire. Opening our safe haven for literally anyone to enter is like receiving a slap on the face for helping someone.
Citizens may argue that closed roads affect their commute but opening them affects our lives, our safety. Not to forget, we maintain these roads because we live here, in our own safe community. Cantonments are beautiful because our forces take care of them. Uses for people who have no connection to it will most definitely need to sheer disregard of the land and property belonging to the Defence. Think about it. Would you love someone to use your car and petrol just because it's more faster and comfortable?
Opening roads in cantonments where there are offices and headquarters is just compromising with the safety of our country.
Jai Hind.
- Anonymous
Petition by Simran Bali.