Close all Cantonment roads to civilians.

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So our esteemed Defense minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, got all the closed roads of the 62 cantonments all across India, to be reopened to the civilians immediately, to ease the traffic of course.

This flippant decision does provide relief to the daily commuter, but at what cost? If these roads aren't closed quickly, then let the following message be a caveat to everyone reading this.

This decision comes with consequences, potentially fatal consequences. The safety of the families of all defense personals has been completely jettisoned. Every year, national holidays tend to come with intel on new sets of terrorist threats targeting  various defense areas including the cantonments , during which time, the security is extra tight. it doesn't matter if you're a Colonel or a General, if you're in a uniform or not. if you're in a private car or in a defense vehicle, you're allowed to pass only after proving your identity. The threat is real! Early this year, in January itself, a terrorist was caught carrying an explosive, trying to infiltrate an army residential colony, "Sekhon Vihar", in Delhi. Last year, two terrorists had snuck inside a cantonment in J&K and opened fire on the defense family accommodation. I saw the photos. The houses were the kind which I have seen all my life, the kind in which I have lived all my life, and they were broken. It was a sad sight, the bullet holes in the broken walls were the worst. 

Cantonments aren't just full of residential colonies, there are lots of headquarters, offices of various units, most of which have installed signal jammers. Smart phones aren't to be carried inside of these offices. And again last year, a spy, if you will, had infiltrated a cantonment and was mapping the entire area, while also making notes of all kinds of activities that go on on a daily basis. He was apprehended by one of the Jawans. Yet, now all the cantonment roads are open to civilians. Seems a bit counter-intuitive. 

An entire brigade was attacked in Uri. An entire brigade, in the field area with Jawans on duty 24/7. As of today, there are no more barricades in the one manning the entrances. Ironically, the families of the defense personals have been rendered quite defenseless, with a big red target painted on their backs. The next Uri attack will be in one of the many cantonments. 

But it can be stopped. Roads need to be closed for civil commute. 

Other than that, Cantonments are considered to be some of the greenest and the cleanest areas in the country. Rickshaw walas have already started spitting tobacco on the roads. All the taxi drivers are treating the cantonment roads like highways, speeding on the roads where little boys and girls ride cycles.

Today was just the first day.

I request everyone to sign this petition so that the decision of opening the roads to civilians is reversed. 

Thank you.