Nirbhaya of a Different kind - A tribal girl's fight for Justice ended with her life

Nirbhaya of a Different kind - A tribal girl's fight for Justice ended with her life

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Now that she is gone, she will have her name flashed as Kunduli Gang Rape Victim again in numerous newspaper, channels and social media post. She hanged herself today tired of fighting, facing allegations and charges, facing humiliation she never deserved. Yet people like us who heard about the horrors she faced did nothing except hanging our faces down in shere shame and helplessness. She reminded me of Nirbhaya in a different way. More than politics, she needed justice.

This post is about the 14 year old young adolescent girl studying in class 9. Hailing from the hilly forested region of Koraput district Odisha, she dreamt of only studying and yet had mustered the courage to fight after being gang raped by 4 men in uniforms on 10th October 2017. Media reported that after lodging the complaint in the local police station, she was rushed to the nearest hospital and then transferred to a medical college. In total she was under medical care more than 1 and half months still was not allowed to see her parents. During her stay she reported openly of being verbally abused and threatened to keep quiet as she spoke about men in uniform.

She was labelled of being a characterless, a fabricator, an imposter, a on as she could not prove thats he was mercilessly raped in broad light while returning home..She was blamed of manipulation, to launder money out of the Government. With all these allegations summing up, she returned to her village. Fears crept in to her, she also tried ending her life once before as she was tired of answering her friends, her relatives, her neighbours, the media and the investigators.There are many layers to it; no proper investigation, no medical reports to prove rape, no support from govt and us. YET SHE STOOD FIRM ON HER STATEMENTS EVERYTIME SHE WAS QUESTIONED.. JUSTICE WAS DENIED...

We failed her.

It’s not just her. This petition is for all those girls, women, who are raped, kicked, beaten, frightened, burnt and killed or killed themselves unable to withstand being judged and tired of waiting for justice as they are under so much pressure from humiliation and trying to make the world she the truth that they forcefully move away from all these manipulations and hatred. 

Please support and sign this petition to make a voice and case against denial of justice; seek out those who have made such a heinous crime. Please support me to reach this petition to the prime minister of India and to start a crime branch investigation on the case.