Release Disgaea 5 already, or you'll lose sales and fans.

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We know, that there might be bugs. We know that there's mistranslations. But it was 3 whole years. We don't want to wait even more.

On May 3, there announcement appears about postponing the game on Summer 2018. Not even exactly date, just summer. We don't believe in this and want to see the game released now. Story of Ys 8 port repeats itself. Please, NISA, stop, just give us the game.

Arguments for releasing the game now

  • Those who was waiting still can wait for patches. They can play the game later when it will be fleshed out with patches.
  • You won't lose that much of sales.
  • It will still impact your reputation, but less.

So, yeah, please, just release the game now NISA.



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