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End Nipissing's Faculty Strike

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Over the course of the past 4 weeks, students of Nipissing have been unable to attend classes which have already been paid for due to a faculty strike. It is time for the students to start receiving their education again as they have invested thousands of dollars in Nipissing University and North Bay. At this point, the strike is punishing the students in a multitude of ways.

MENTAL HEALTH: Our frame of mind is at stake as students struggle with an elevated amount of anxiety, depression, and stress while facing the unknown academic consequences of this faculty strike. Once we get to return to class, the amount of stress will only increase as there is the potential to have to submit an overwhelming number of assignments immediately. Our holidays in December have been cut short, and our reading week in February has been cancelled. This gives the students less time to recuperate mentally and places even MORE stress on us as we will struggle to complete both semesters at a pace we are not used to.  

FINANCIAL: Students are spending more money as we are sitting at home all the time. The strike may push our school year past April, leaving students who are in a "school year" lease homeless while we struggle to meet the requirements for our programs. Will the university cover the cost of our living after the majority of leases are up on April 30th, 2016? Yet we are unable to commit fully to any employment throughout the strike as we are unsure of when we will be able to work because we don't know when the strike will end and classes will resume. The amount of money students are capable of making during the summer is affected by the amount of time our school year will be extended. Less work = more OSAP/student loans. The university is literally putting many students into more debt by forcing them to take out larger loans through effecting when the students are able to start work. 

SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: Students will miss out on job opportunities, as many summer student contract positions start on May 1st. This leaves many Nipissing students at a disadvantage for summer positions that are NECESSARY in order to fund and be able to afford our education for the next year.

PLACEMENT: Students who are enrolled in Education or Nursing courses are currently missing their placements which are crucial to their learning and their degree. Any students who are in the Bachelor of Education are missing out on their Teacher's College placement and vital learning time in the classroom. All Nursing students are still expected to attend practical but are supposed to self-teach, how is this fair? Additionally, Concurrent Education students were supposed to have placement over the February reading week which has now been cancelled. More placement at the end of the year means an EVEN FURTHER EXTENDED semester for Education students meaning even LESS opportunities to find summer employment.

ACADEMICS: Students are currently missing out on learning that could be necessary to their career. Any prerequisite courses that students need in order to continue in their program are being neglected and crucial knowledge is being withheld. Who is to say how this will affect students in their professional lives? Students who are in their fourth year of nursing might have their NCLEX exam affected. Additionally, potential Masters students are incapable at this point of receiving references from professors and can't access their transcripts to submit to schools throughout the duration of the strike preventing them from furthering their education . Current Masters students are unable to apply for funding and grants. Students are unable to communicate with their professors as the university based email accounts have been locked out, increasing the stress and we are unable to ask questions about our semester or submit assignments if you are an online student. 

If Nipissing University wants to live up to it's slogan of "One Student At A Time", then it is time for the faculty and administration to show us that they recognize each student as an individual and realize the impact the strike is having on the student body. Please sign this petition to demonstrate the NEED for both parties to go back to the table as soon as possible so any further impact on our school year can be avoided and we can stop being punished for something that we never asked for. It is impacting students, the public, families, and this is our chance to have a voice. Please share and ask for as many signatures as you can get. It's time for us to stand up for our right to the education we paid for. 

If you have anything that you think should be added to this petition as an affect you have experienced due to the strike please contact me at

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