We want another Mario Strikers for Nintendo Switch

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Super Mario Strikers (Known as Mario Smash Football in Europe) was a 2005 GameCube game that lots of people loved for its gameplay and personality.

Since the success of the game, Nintendo decided with Next Level Games to make a sequel,Mario Strikers Charged Football, that was released for the Wii in 2007.

Nintendo was really happy for the success of the sequel, so much that they decided to make another game with Next Level, a game called Super Mario Spikers: It was a game where you could play either Volleyball or Wrestling, but was cancelled for being "Too violent" for Mario.

Next Level hasn' really done so well with recent games, like Metroid Prime: Federation Force that was a flop, so why not bring back this franchise that everyone loved?

We want a third one for the Switch.

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