Waluigi For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

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It's time for Waluigi fans to rise up and show Nintendo that Waluigi needs to be a playable character! With the new announcement that Ridley, and Daisy will be joining SSBU, it's crazy to have Waluigi as an assist trophy since Brawl. Nintendo loves to embrace the meme. So why not make him an echo character or a complete monster?! He has so much lore and such a wide fanbase, heck he's only had one game! Since this may be the last Smash Bros we ever get, seeing how EVERY FIGHTER WHO HAS BEEN IN A SMASH GAME IS IN THIS ONE! It would be a real shame not to include the Wa in this (possible) final instalment. Please sign this petition to show Nintendo that the Wa needs to be free of his assist trophy curse!