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To Nintendo: Cancel Plans for the "Nintendo Switch Online" Paid Service

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Nintendo is planning on rolling out a new paid service called Nintendo Switch Online in 2018, meaning you now have to pay to play online multiplayer. While Nintendo thinks this is a good way to grab cash, to us consumers, this is terrible.

We've already payed $400 for the Switch console itself, over $100 total in online multiplayer games like Splatoon 2, ARMS, and Rocket League, and now Nintendo expects us to pay them MORE money on the main feature of all of those games: online multiplayer. Meaning if you've purchased the games before, they'll be useless when trying to go online to have fun, unless you pay them more money.

This idea hurts the idea of Nintendo and their online multiplayer system, as well as their catchphrase "There's no play like it." We should not have to pay Nintendo more money just to have fun online with other friends around the globe, we deserve a free online multiplayer system from Nintendo, the one that they've been using for YEARS.

Nintendo needs to scrap the idea of paid online multiplayer and keep their online services free. The one good part about this program, the Classic Game Selection, should become a separate subscription system while the Nintendo Switch Online subscription system should be thrown in the trash.

Let's help Nintendo keep being "No play like it" by telling them that this is not what we want, and all we want is a fun and free online service to play with friends. It's not about the cash, Nintendo, it's about the fun.

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