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STOP Nintendo making DLC for Zelda Breath of the Wild

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Dear Nintendo, please STOP putting DLC in your new game: "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", this is a very wrong step for you and for the industry of VideoGames.

We all know that this industry is a mix of many things, VG is: a product, an entertainment, but ALSO is an ART!.. and in the end, if a VideoGame doesn't have this things in balance it will fail for sure...

It is O.K. to put DLC on a game that has a "MultiPlayer Mode" to keep its live/relevance on the Market and to keep Gamers/Costumers happy & with more new reasons to keep playing.. BUT! on a Single Player Game, Its NOT O.K... even less in a game where the most important part is its Plot.. (And even WORSE is to announce the DLC BEFORE the Launch of the Game, because that means you have already done the game and now you are cutting it off).

The Legend of Zelda... like: Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, etc, are more Pieces of Art than just simple Games... they are Master Pieces that represent why VG should be called Art, and if you chop a piece of art to sell it on parts you are transforming something beautiful in just an empty product... is like buying the painting of Mona Lisa incomplete, and after a while you give us the "Option" to buy her a pair of legs...that is Wrong!

You know that is very important that people in general start to take seriously VideoGames & to accept our industry as an Art, not just to introduce more people/customers to the industry, but also to get more high quality products and Master Pieces... but this evolution will never become true if the companies never know when to stop being greedy and start actting a little less selfish to start thinking more in the industry as a whole and how your actions influence on it.

We already have many problems to deal with, like: Extremist Religious from The Right saying that VG are from the Devil, Regressive Marxists from The Left saying that VG are Sexist, Common People believing that VG are JUST for Kids & Nerds, or WORSE believing that Mobile market have "quality & worthy" products... and NOW, we have to deal even with YOU Nintendo treating the industry as just a mere empty product, and don't being respectful with your own work, and Please do NOT use the sad excuse "everyone does it", that is a pathetic reason... (Using Drugs start the same way, and don't end well..).

Nintendo, you always choose to be different & original... and we, your Fans (not your Fanboys), always ask you to do the GOOD stuffs that others companies already does like: Good & Easy Online (Free) Service, HD enough powerful consoles, Cross-Buy, Etc...but we ask you to do this in your own way... but WHY you always choose to do the BAD things that others does?... for real, is it not enough to have a mediocre PAID online service on Switch... now you want DLC on Zelda too!? (what is next, Metroid Federation 2?...) Seriously Nintendo, STOP RIGHT NOW, there is enough time to "Cease & Desist" all this insanity, you are the last chance, the last hope to make this industry Great Again like YOU did with the NES... so please, do it for the industry, for your fans, and for your Legacy... Just by stopping this stupid idea you will save your honor. The Honor that YOU've already lost... you are not trustworthy anymore... "Switch will not replace the Wii U", "We preffer to give to our customers a complete product, The whole experience of quality", Miyamoto: "I don't like to follow what is trending or what others does"...You had become only Blablablah... and to see a Titan of the VG industry falling like this... is very sad, but also pathetic...

STOP putting DLC on a main canon single player Zelda Game (or in any other Single Player Game), for us, for the industry, for your own sake...

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