Revive the Wii U

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You know what the Wii U is right? or maybe you don't, because it hasnt been very succesfull as a console (Its a Nintendo Gaming console, you can google it for more information) 

And it is sadly long dead by now

At some point nintendo just gave up on it and the fans that the Wii U did have were left with no new content, support, or anything

Even one of the (in my opinion) best features -the mii verse - has been shut down (it was a great social media website by nintendo for the Wii U and DS)

Even one of nintendos recent most succesfulgames - The legend of Zelda Breath if the wild - is not only on the Nintendo Switch, but also on the Nintendo Wii U 

And there is still a huge community and fanbase of the Wii U 

like just for example Minecraft: Wii U eddition, everytime you play the online minigames, you meet a lot of different people, even now as I am writing this a lot of people are playing it, and in other cases this would be normal and expected, but in this case we have a died console, without support or new content the game from the Example MC Wii U never got any updates, even though all other minecraft editions are mire than 3 huge updates ahead, just to show u that nintendo REALLY doesnt support the Wii U anymore, and I think a lot of people woukd be very happy if it gets updated and if they bring the Mii verse back and release cool new games where u can make use of the fact, that u can play on the gamepad, to make things happen on the TV, wich is the main feature of the Wii U, or also the fact, that it supports 2 gamepads, wich never really got used in any game

And now I need ur support, to maybe make the Wii U get supported by Nintendo again


I mean maybe? every thing is posdible after all sooo maybe just maybe...

It WOULD mean a lot to me and to a lot of others

Maybe we can convince nintendo and CHANGE THE WORLD (of Nintendo fans and even more of Wii u fans)


#ReviveTheWiiU #WRU

(WRU means Will Revive wii U)