Remaster The Denpa Men Series For Nintendo Switch

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The Denpa Men trilogy of video games, released for the Nintendo 3DS, are some of the finest and most creative JRPGs ever created, but unfortunately got trodden underfoot by the EShop exclusivity of the title, and the lack of promotion with Western audiences and Europe. 

What I propose is a full HD remaster of the original series, with a physical version, titled "Denpa Men Collection". This port will include Colliseum support for all 3 titles, possibly having weekly events. Of course, the lack of gyroscope or camera for the Switch means that this game would launch with a mobile app to substitute the capturing gimmick of the original games. 

This app would allow Denpa Men to be caught using the phone's camera and gyroscope, in the same way as the original games, and then transferred over to the game through a Wi-Fi connection. Each game would have their own serial code, which would be entered when first starting up the app. This would offer a cost effective answer to this problem, while making it more convienient for the user, as whipping out their phone to catch Denpa Men would be a lot more convenient.

The game could release for $20 USD on the e-shop, and $40 dollars for the physical version, and you could still make a profit.

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