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Release "Super Metroid Ridley" as Playable Character DLC for "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS"

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Ridley, the main antagonist to "Samus" from the "Metroid Series", for over 10 years has been requested by Nintendo fans to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. And it is very shocking to many that even after the fourth installment of the title, arguably the most requested character has still not been included.

As Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS released. We were greeted with the terrible and unfortunate reality that Ridley, arguable one of the most deserving characters to be given a playable role in the crossover title, was once again given merely a "Boss Role". A boss role, for those unaware, is a role for a character where there only purpose is it fight the player, only to be defeated. It was the same role Ridley had in the previous Smash Bros. title, and it was one of the most unfortunate things for Nintendo fans to face. This dissapointed many, thinking that this game would be the one where Ridley would finally get his chance to be given the role he deserves.

But there is a work around this. The "most beloved" Ridley from the Metroid titles is most definitely the "Super Metroid" design. The "Boss Ridley" in the new titles is the Ridley from "Metroid Other M", which was a different Ridley (a clone) than the original. This gives Nintendo an easy way to explain why Ridley could both be a playable fighter, and have a boss role. There is more than one Ridley.

As Nintendo fans, we are done with seeing our favorite Nintendo villain be put in a Boss role for 2 games straight, let alone not playable ever. We are NOT asking for some silly "Ridley gimmick" to be in the game. Such as some "Nintendo Gamepad mode" where you control Ridley. That would be even more of a slap in the face to the fans.

We are asking for him to be his own playable character, along the likes of Mario, Pikachu, Samus, Link, and more.

Ridley is easily the most deserving character to be included in the game, whether you base "deservability" off of fan judgement or not.

  • Ridley is the only Nintendo character to appear in EVERY smash bros. title to date, yet is still not a playable character.
  • The Metroid franchise is underrepresented in Super Smash Bros. The only playable characters from the beloved franchise are Samus, and Samus without her power suit. It is very shocking that the beloved main antagonist of the franchise has not even been considered for playability after all this time for one of the most beloved Nintendo franchises.
  • Ridley has arguably the largest fanbase in the community. It is almost infuriating how such fans have not only been denied, but almost mocked due to the way at which Ridley has been portrayed. This time around, the fans were given false hope due to the countless "beating around the bush" of Ridley's role. And it all ended in shattered dreams. It is time we make a difference.

Those are only 3 reasons why he should be included as a character within the game. And though there are many more, we as the fans hope that Nintendo will see these reasons as enough to include the character in the game.

We are willing to wait throughout 2015 for the developers of "Super Smash Bros." to create a "Ridley DLC pack". Which would finally bring Ridley to a Super Smash Bros. title, thus pleasing the countless Nintendo fans. The price is up to Nintendo, yet we hope they make it reasonable after all our efforts.

Our final words to you Nintendo, is that this isn't just a petty way to please a small fanbase. This is a way to show you truly do sympathize and recognize us. To show that you love your fans/consumers. While you do a great job of this through your social media and your customer service, this is the biggest area where you have unfortunately turned your back on your fans.

This is a chance to show your fans that you do care, and that you do listen. This is your chance to gain our trust.

And if you are just a Nintendo fan seeing this, or a Smash Bros. fan, or a Metroid fan, or a someone who wants to see a deserving fanbase finally get what it's been asking for for upwards of 10 years, then I ask that you sign this. This is not just a movement to get a video game character in a Smash Bros. title, this is a way to show game developers that their fans matter. And that we, together, can make a difference.

So Please, do share this with your favorite games journalist, to your friends, and with Nintendo themselves. Let's get this to a position where we, as fans, cannot be ignored any longer. Let's make a difference.

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