Port G-Force to Nintendo Switch

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G-Force is arguably one of the finest 3rd person action games based on a movie where you play as secret agent guinea pigs, if not the best ever made.

Like many who have played G-Force (including myself) the game reached to us on an emotional level and touched our hearts, making us instant devoted fans. Some of us even own the game on multiple platforms, alas it is just not enough.

The Nintendo Switch is currently the most popular game console and is rapidly selling units since release, this means more and more households will have a Switch. I believe G-Force is absolutely essential for any Switch owner to have in their collection, especially with the fact that the Switch will be the first game platform for many young children today and they won't be able to experience this absolute classic. The Nintendo Switch is also a portable handheld device, which means we could have the opportunity to play G-Force on the go. Even the thought of a portable G-Force fills us fans with delight and we know other people would be thankful for having the opportunity to play this gem. G-Force could potentially even be a system seller, which means more profit for both companies (Nintendo and Disney). But this isn't about profit, this is about sharing a magical experience with other people.

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