Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal RE-RELEASE for 3DS Virtual Console Petition !

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This is going to be a petition for Nintendo to Re-Release the Generation 2 Pokemon Games (Gold, Silver, Crystal). I will make my points below on why this should be the case.

  1. Gen 1 and Gen 2 are the only main series pokemon games that through any kind of methods, can not transfer pokemon to the later generations including gen 6 and the recent newly released gen 7; Gen 3+ games can have the ability to transfer pokemon up to the latest generation.
  2. In the real life copies of the games, there was a massive problem that can be seen today. The Save File can get deleted at anytime when the battery in charge of saving has died. If you try to replace the battery before it dies then that'll also delete your save, this isn't an issue on gen 3+ games because of flash memory.
  3. There are already a lot of Gameboy Color Re-releases that are on the eshop so the possibility is always there. 
  4. As a business point of view the re-release of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow have destroyed records on eshop sales such as the new first-week eShop sales record. Imagine what G/S/C financially would do for Nintendo, the sequel to the first games already re-released.
  5. Now the emotional point is that tons of old fans of the series loved these games for some its even the fun times they remember playing with their friends back in elementary school. The ending where you beat Red the former player who you were playing as through the games in the past is a 10/10 on the climax level.

*Sign this petition so we can hopefully get Nintendo and GameFreak to understand what we the players would like for a RE-RELEASE of the Generation 2 games [Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal] for the 3DS Virtual Console !* #Gen2Rerelease #Pokemon20

~ A Pokemon Fan for Life ~ TheSuperharry2525

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