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Please Nintendo, bring back the Fire Emblem OVA with a new look

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Back in 1997, a studio called “Studio KSS” released an OVA series in the US of Fire Emblem’s first game “Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light”. It was a series that was meant to tell the story of our favourite Hero King Marth in anime form. Unfortunately, the OVA never lasted beyond Episode 2. Episode one showed the fall of Altea -Marth’s home- & the pirate invasion on Talys, while Episode two showed the battle of Galder Harbor & Samsooth Mountain.

The reasons as to why it never kept going remain a mystery. Some say it was lack of public interest, not enough funding for the project, miscommunication and poor advertising among other theories. Regardless of such, the OVA remained at 2 episodes till this day with no evidence of a 3rd episode or beyond ever being in the works…

But what if it was revived? What if they brought it back? What if they redid the whole OVA with today’s more evolved animation quality? Can you imagine what it would look like today?! It’s definitely a bit of a farfetched wishful thinking, but I don’t think it’s an impossible dream, especially for today.

Thanks to FE Awakening, the series is now at an all-time high. We got a new game afterwards called FE Fates, a remake of the second game called FE Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, an engaging mobile game called FE Heroes, a KOEI TECMO game is coming soon called FE Warriors, TONS of representation in Super Smash Bros 4 & in 2018, a brand new FE game for the Switch is coming soon.

This is also a great opportunity to show Marth’s story to those who are curious & newcomers to the series because despite being the face of the Fire Emblem franchise in the games & in Smash Bros, not a lot of people know his story. His first game was Japanese exclusive, the DS remake didn’t sell that many copies & the second DS remake never got localized.

So lift your weapons high my fellow lords of the Emblem. Let us show Nintendo that we want to see the OVA revived, let us march forth for Marth, to help let his story be told to the very end for all to see! Onwards, for the FIRE EMBLEM! :D



1)      This is NOT a hate movement. Do NOT use this petition for any intentions or purposes that are negative, harmful or of none relevance to the subject.

2)      While this is a petition towards Nintendo, it’s preferable that you don’t spam this at their social media channels. I highly recommend that you share this on posts that are relevant to Fire Emblem or any that would make a good segue to it.

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