Petition to get Nintendo Switch to include a portable charger.

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We all enjoy Nintendo's console and although the new Nintendo console, Nintendo Switch, looks nice, it has a major problem which is its battery. Sources related that its battery will be from 2 to 6 hours long depending of the game and I think that's not good if the console itself doesn't include any kind of portable charger. If Nintendo wants to keep up with this idea of console hybrid they have to implemente a portable charger that helps you to keep enjoying the console and the games outside of your house with no worries about the battery. With this improvement the console could be what the Nintendo DS/3DS was to some people with the opportunity of being able to keep playing if you're out of your home for a long time.

I will not buy a Nintendo Switch but I care about the people that will buy this console and will want to enjoy what it offers so I'm creating this petition to help those that maybe don't spend time enough in home and they want the console because of the idea of console hybrid fills their needs but this is not a console hybrid without a source of energy not related to the console's charge base.

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